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Live-Streaming Technology Trends 2023

Sponsored by: Softvelum

The streaming industry is in the middle of its third expansion, being led by updates in live-streaming technologies, many of which still rely on legacy protocols but offer the benefit of in-browser acquisition and consumption. While the VOD model and generic HTTP delivery created a “race to the bottom” in terms of per-terabyte-delivered pricing, this third wave is creating another race to a low point: reducing latencies to get to millisecond delays more akin to videoconferencing than to streaming at scale. Download the Live-Streaming Technology Trends 2023 research brief to gain insights into the following and more:

  • Despite growth in cloud platforms, on-premise and hybrid approaches still impact many workflows
  • While newer protocols continue to gain in both acquisition and delivery use, legacy protocols “just work,” and they also power a large portion of the live-streaming workflow
  • The industry remains split on both low-latency expectations and security around low-latency streams